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Holistic Hair Services with Nathan Brouillette | OrganicBRU Salon Suite

Located Inside Mattison Avenue Salon Suite | 1100 Cottonwood Creek, Suite 110
hland Village, Texas 75077 | I’m in room 139


Welcome Salon Guests

Holistic Hair Services designed for the souls who value lowering toxic body burden and are environmentally conscious.
The products I use replace water with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and relax you with aroma therapy that includes no synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens and are cruelty free. 

Highland Village Hair Salon
Honey Balayage Hair
Platinum Blonde Hair
riman botalab hair.jpeg
Sandy Blonde Balayage
Long Layer Haircut
Holistic Salon Suite

Give Your Hair A Rebirth With A Signature Hair Spa Treatment.

Hair Shampoo
Hair Treatments
Signature Head Spa

What is a Hair Spa? Through out the course of daily life your hair picks up all manner of materials. Styling products such as dry shampoo, oil, textures sprays as well as environmental dust and any minerals in the water where you live can all build up on your scalp and hair. This can result in troublesome scalps and limp, dry or oily hair. Even the hair's natural color will appear duller due to build up. Give you hair a deep clarifying, demineralizing, deep conditioning and scalp rejuvenating luxury treatment. 

Holistic Haircare is an approach that takes into account the whole person. As a holistic practitioner I desire to help you have the healthiest, most flattering hair style, and color for your unique beauty. I will analyze your scalp to determine any conditions in need of treatment as well as doing a wet stretch test on your hair strands to determine if your hair is in need of moisture, protein or is balanced. We will discuss your hair goals, history, lifestyle, face shape, skin tone, care and styling routine. 


This specialized Hair Spa Treatment  for:

                                                                      - Hair Loss, Thinning

  • Purifying Seborrheic Dermatitis, Oily/Dry Dandruff

  • Soothing Eczema, Psoriasis, Sensitive Scalp

  • Sebum, Rebalancing Excessively Oily Scalp

Hair Spa & Detox, Style 1 hr 15min...............................$95

Hair Spa & Detox, Style, Cut 1.5 hr.........................$120

Woman's Luxury Haircut + Style................$65

Men's Luxury Cut.............$30


New Client Color Services


I do not double book to ensure we achieve a color & style you fall in love with. 

New Client Services always include:​

  • Custom Haircut 

  • Signature Color Application

  • Base Melt (if needed)

  • Toning (if needed)

  • Color Longevity Treatment

  • Style & Finish Photography

Highland Village TX Holistic Hair Salon

Custom Color Services

If you want hair that looks good all year, but don’t want to be at the salon all the time, come hang with me.


Get natural, subtle (or not so subtle) dimension with fewer visits - saving you time, money and frustration.


You can go anywhere for color and a cut.

When you come hang with me I help you feel more like you, but with killer hair.

You don’t just leave with color and a style, you leave knowing how to maintain it.

Your hair grows out better (without harsh lines) keeping its desired look for months, so you can focus on what really matters and feel confident in your own skin.

Honey Balayage Hair

If you’d like explanations on each service is, check out the blog post that breaks it down!


Specialty Color Service

All Over Color | Root Retouch  $108-128

Color Correction


Lived-In Melted Money Balayage $320+ 4 hrs

Maximum Bright Foilyage 

$360+ 4.5 hrs

Dual Technique 


Partial Foilyage 

240+ 3hrs

Toner (with blowout)

Custom Toning


Signature Woman's Spa Cut


Men's Cut


Signature Hair Spa Treatment $120-$160

If you’d like explanations on each service is, check out the blog post that breaks it down!

Please note:
Multiple sessions may be required to achieve specific results.
Any adjustments must be performed within 2 weeks of the initial service.

OrganicBRU Salon Suite + Hair Spa

Located Inside Mattison Avenue Salon Suites + Spa

The Shops At Highland Village, Texas

1100 Cottonwood Creek #110, Highland Village, TX 75077

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