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Wondering hair color service what to book? You’ve come to the right place!

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Something I’ve gathered from speaking with clients, is that often salon service menus make a lot of sense to hairstylists but can leave clients feeling very confused. I’m here to break down what each service entails! I will always recommend what services I think are appropriate for you, but this is a guide to my color services so you have a better understanding.


This service is perfect for when we’re taking on a big color project with multiple steps or techniques that is not a color correction. By booking this, it allows us 5 hours to do as much as we can within that time.


A dual technique is a service using two techniques. Most of the photos you see that look like balayage are a combination of multiple techniques. This service can also be booked if you’re looking for a very heavy highlight that would include more coverage than a full highlight (if you want all of your ends lightened). For example, this can be highlights + lowlights, root retouch + balayage, foils + balayage, etc.


This can be traditional foil highlights, babylights, balayage, foilyage, teasylights, etc. (It’s okay if you have no idea what those are, I will prescribe whatever techniques fit your inspo and desired maintenance schedule!) A full head highlight does not mean picking up every hair on your head. While you are able to get significantly brighter with this service, you will still have dimension through your ends with a full highlight. If you wear your hair up a lot, or have a lot of layers you will want to go with a full head highlight over a half head.


A partial highlight includes a complete hairline lightening with crown and part placements. This will leave more dimension than a full head highlight, and can be good for adding pieces to accent your natural color.


A single panel highlight includes 2-6 balayage panels or 8-10 foils around your face or part. This is great if you want to ease into highlights, or want to add a little brightness around your face.


A single process can be either a root touch up or one all over color if you have no previous color on your hair. If you’re looking to cover natural regrowth at your roots, this is for you!


Feel like your highlights are getting a little brassy? Or your hair looks less vibrant than it did when it was fresh? You might need a toner! Toner is demi-permanent color that washes out slowly over time. If your ends are feeling dull, this can give them that little extra boost to hold you over until your next color appointment. You can add vibrancy, cancel out unwanted tones, or go slightly darker with a toner, but toner will not make your hair lighter. This service can be customized to fit any hair needs in regards to toning! Often times when we highlight, we use 2 or more toners to create looks like a shadow root or color melt.


A service qualifies as a color correction when we are removing previous permanent color, or fixing something that was done at home or another salon. With a color correction, I can’t predict a definite end result, since I’m not completely sure what is on the hair or how old color will lift out. I will always do my best to achieve your goal, but the integrity of the hair is my top priority. This service requires a complimentary in-person consultation and test strand prior to booking.

Can't wait to see you in the salon!

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