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 Inspired by eastern holistic practices in self-care, RIMAN aims to improve professional and personal lives  across the world by inspiring people to embrace the sacred practice of slowing down and honoring oneself; to view self-care as much more than a chore or routine, but rather an ancient ritual with holistic benefits.    

The K-Beauty Tradition

K-beauty isn't a trend, it's a tradition with ancient roots, staying power, and time-tested results. Focused on pro-active protection, the K-beauty tradition uses gentle ingredients in multi-step rituals to bring out healthy, radiant skin.

The RIMAN Innovation

RIMAN embraces the power of the K-beauty tradition as a platform for innovation. Using patented technology to maximize the benefits of sustainably sourced heritage ingredients from the UNESCO World Heritage site, Jeju Island, RIMAN has created revolutionary self-care.

Riman skincare 3.jpeg

Giant BYoungPool

 BYoungPool, native to Southeast countries like Korea, has shown a history of use expanding thousands of years. It has even been lauded as one of the "miracle elixirs of life", a status that has withstood the test of time. BYoungPool is known for its skin regenerating properties, with benefits such as soothing and calming irritated skin, providing intense hydration, and improving the skin barrier. RIMAN has invested in developing a specialized, more potent strain of BYoungPool, patented as Giant BYoungPool. 

Jeju Lava Energy Water

Beneath the volcanic bedrock of Jeju Island's Hallasan Volcano exists water that has undergone natural filtration for over 400,000 years. This untouched elixir, rich in 12 essential minerals, boasts benefits such as skin hydration and nourishment to promote healthy, vibrant skin.

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Natural Beauty Products

Liposome Technology

The benefits of BYoungPool and Jeju Lava Energy Water, amongst hundreds of other carefully selected and exclusive ingredients, are harnessed and optimized with liposome technology. Liposomes are molecules that allow premium ingredients to absorb through multiple layers of the skin. RIMAN’s revolutionary Microfluidizer Processor creates nano-liposomes of entire formulas, ensuring absorption of active ingredients into even deeper layers of the skin and dramatically improving efficacy of formulations.

The RIMAN Ritual

Using these proprietary ingredients and technologies, RIMAN is making different skin care, personal care, and nutrition products to provide a nature-rich, whole-body self-care solution known as the RIMAN Ritual. With a variety of offerings that can make up your personal RIMAN Ritual, your self-care routine is sure to feel as natural and sacred to you as the skin you’re in. Find your RIMAN Ritual today to experience the RIMAN difference; a difference you’ll love.

How To Create A RIMAN Customer Account


Select your first product and press add to bag. 


You will be prompted to log in. Press log in button and you will be brought to a page to create an account


Select the customer tab


Fill in all your billing and shipping information and create a new customer account 


Shop 24/7 and have products delivered right to your doorstep. 

SHOP Botalab Haircare By RIMAN

Benefits : 

• Shampoo cleanses 99% of fine dust from scalp and hair • Exclusive Loliolide ingredients soothe, hydrate, and nourish the scalp • Suitable for sensitive skin • Cleanses without stripping for fortified strands post-wash

• Water-activated treatment formula that delivers botanical nutrition to hair with a warming sensation • Exclusive Deserticola ingredient provides nutrition and vitality to exhausted scalp and hair • Increases hair density • Nettle and Camellia extracts fortify damaged cuticles to repair rough strands

riman botalab hair 5.webp
Face Serum
Pipette Dropper

RIMAN Skincare

Featuring products rich in our heritage ingredients, Giant BYoungPool and Jeju Lava Energy Water, our Expert RIMAN Ritual is your perfect solution for radiant, glowing skin.


My hair is already feeling fuller! I love the mild orange scent of the shampoo. It takes me back to the Soarin ride at Disney! (As you fly over the Florida orange orchards).

The Water Treatment is so light but leaves my hair so soft!


I’ve been using “good” skincare since I was 20! But I’ve never seen results like this in such a short period of time! The reduction in hyperpigmentation and increase in brightness, the glow just blows me away! I felt a difference in my skin from the first use.


I have to say that I was shocked at how my hair felt and looked after 1 washing. I have thick curly frizzy hair (I have to dye it every month so it is on the dry side). This is a photo with NO product.

I cant wait to see what it looks like after washing it for a few weeks! I am so excited!

Freckled Skin



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