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Luxury Hair And Scalp Treatment

Head Spa

Head Spa is a luxury scalp facial based on Indian Ayurvedic medicine and enhanced by the Japanese. This revitalizing scalp detoxification helps to treat inflammation from psoriasis, clogged follicles, skin irritation, oily scalp, itchy scalp, dry/flaky scalp, thinning hair, and hair loss.


Microscopic Scalp Analysis

The Detox Head Spa Treatment begins with a detailed consultation. Use the included handheld microscope to conduct a 200x magnified microscopic analysis to determine the overall health and any underlying conditions of the scalp and hair.

Magnifying the scalp and hair will reveal follicle buildup due to products, hardened sebum, and pollution. The scalp analysis will then establish any necessary treatments for improved health.


Using aromatherapy to release essential oils into the air provides critical holistic healing and psychological benefits. Essential oils possess antifungal and antioxidant properties.

Head Massage

Scalp Detox & Massage

Scalp Detox and massage with aromatic essential oils helps blood circulation and relaxes the body and mind in preparation for the Scalp Detox Treatment.

The equipment used for the Scalp Detox has an ultrasonic transducer that vibrates at 1.6 million times a second producing a fine microscopic mist.  The mist detoxes the scalp and hair, opening pores and cuticle layers penetrating deep.  Scalp Detox turns the hardened sebum into liquid, further preparing the scalp for the Hair Bath.  Removing keratotic plugs and debris allows moisture in revealing a clean scalp.  Micro mist penetrates deep into scalp tissue stimulating blood circulation, stops hair fall and thinning so nutrients can reach the follicles. Enhancing treatments with microscopic water particles heal and moisturize scalp and hair furthering preparing the scalp for your custom Head Spa Treatment.


The specialized Head Spa Treatments includes:

  • Hair Loss Head Spa - Hair Loss, Thinning

  • Purifying Head Spa - Seborrheic Dermatitis, Oily/Dry Dandruff

  • Soothing Head Spa - Eczema, Psoriasis, Sensitive Scalp

  • Sebum, Rebalancing Head Spa - Excessively Oily Scalp

Head Massage


The deep, purifying hair bath with massage detoxes debris from the hair and scalp to reveal healthy scalp and clean pores.  The head massage releases stress and tension in the neck and scalp.


After scalp has been purified, warm gentle mist allows the deep conditioning treatment to penetrate the hair, nourishing every strand to reveal high shine and elasticity.

Wet Hair


The scalp tonic is infused with vitamins and peptides, which naturally stimulate hair growth. The Tonic features moisturizing properties to feed hair bulbs in the scalp, restoring thick and full hair.

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