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Holistic Hair Coaching


A 90 day holistic roadmap to stronger, shinier, healthier hair. 

Private 1-on-1 Healthy Hair Coaching

Hair Spa Treatments

MANEtain! Private 1-on-1 Hair Coaching Program is your opportunity to have a Licensed, Hair Professional to partner with you and help lead you to success.  This virtual program consists of strategic sessions specifically designed to assist you in bringing balance, clarity, insight and solutions to your hair care challenges.  During these healthy hair sessions, I will help you address your hair and scalp from the inside-out through nutritional guidance, product knowledge, style choices, and emotional support.

​As a client of my coaching program, discover how working one-on-one with your very own Hair Care Coach can help you:

•Increase contentment and confidence with your own hair and skin
•Learn to take care of yourself first
•Achieve strong, beautiful hair you've always desired
•Work to achieve and maintain your desirable length and thickness
•Learn to balance your hormones all naturally
•Learn how to reduce stress and fatigue
•Change your mindset and dismiss negative feelings and emotions 
•Become more personal with your hair
•Set and prioritize your hair goals
•Create strategies to achieve these goals
•Accomplish your goals in a way you couldn't before
•Gain access to resources that will help support you in reaching your goals
•Most importantly, be held accountable to achieving results

What Do You Get?
My goal is to overhaul or fine tune and customize your hair care program so that you get the best results possible.  

Scalp / Hair Restoration: I will be offer comprehensive virtual and in person consultations as well as a 90 day hair restoration program.


We will discuss your current hair issues, nutrition, lifestyle and stress.

What you will gain understanding of :

- your hair type and it’s needs

- your current scalp environment and how to balance it.

- how to heal damage and reduce it in the future.

- get a customized haircare regime for your unique needs

- guidance on proper washing, conditioning, treatment and styling.

- product categories and which is right for your style and needs.

- how to perform an in home hair spa treatment

- nutritional guidance with optional meal plans

- supplement guidance (simplify your supplement routine).

- style and care guidance

- color and cut guidance (if desired) *optional customized in home color kit

- discount on clean/ effective naturally based haircare

- ongoing email support and guidance.

I have partnered with a clinical haircare treatment line that is solution focused. We will create a regime specifically for your unique needs.

Partnering with a professional scalp and hair loss professional can help to demystify your hair needs and give you the support that will help you love your hair!

I look forward to working with you!

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